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  • Parni schrieb am 08.10. 2004
    Nice boat!, Love to see your program & story. Happy have another boat for west jawa, as I work for Sales & marketing boats in Bali
  • Tom schrieb am 21.09. 2004
    So. Take the first steps... towards your real life... just music & fun.. no troubles.. no strife. with the king on the bow... and telesope to eye... Shout "huanitas ahoi"! and "i`m their king of guy"! an island full of women... all covered in sand... "bring me Moana kecil".. and i`ll meet them on land.. take one back each day.. every night a nwe wife... and shout again "hell yeah, this is real live"! Tom
  • Tom schrieb am 21.09. 2004
    The Joshua Tree Lets jump off the bow, Just you and me... and smoke some.. drink Bintang at sea... The royal Bow-King... forever you shall be. Swimm with jellyfish, ladies... Than climb back on board... My Joshua tree, my beachbum lord! Thank you forever/ything Tom
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