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  • Jenny + Carsten schrieb am 27.06. 2009
    17.Juni 2009 Liebe Susanne, liebe Moana Crew, 3 wundervolle Tage und unvergessliche Tauchgaenge hatten wir. Komodo, sowohl Festland als auch Unterwasserwelt, werden uns immer in Erinnerung bleiben. Beim naechsten Mal hoffen wir auf wesentlich laengeren Aufenthalt auf diesem schwimmenden Paradies! Vielen Dank an die Crew fuer die Fuersorglichkeit, das gute Essen, Trinken und die Moeglichkeit Naechte an Deck zu verbringen. “Weine nicht, dass es vorbei ist… Laechle, weil du es erleben durftest!” Gruesse von Jenny + Carsten
  • Donna Cox - Melbourne schrieb am 11.06. 2009
    Dear Susanne & Moana Crew Words can not describe what I feel about the past 5 days on the dive cruise. Everything has been a delight. The crew, the boat, the diving. The only thing I would suggest is that I don’t get off!!! We will be back & I will do everything I can to make sure I get other intrigued so they also come along for this magical experience. Thank you so much for everything & I will see you some time in the future. My love to everyone. Donna xxx
  • Yara Halibi schrieb am 11.06. 2009
    Susanne, You have such al lovely thing going on on this boat. You have the most amazing boat full of the MOST HOSPITABLE CREW… Altogether it makes for such a great experience… with a womans touch! LOVE IT! We will be happy to spread the good word in Australia & tell the world about our experience here. Lexi, Bastian, Rudi & all the crew have made this so memorable for us! Thanks Susanne, for this unforgettable experience! You have a home with us any time you want to visit with your beautiful baby Australia! Don’t want to leave, so we are going to find somewhere to hide now! Yara xxx 10th June 2009
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