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Save Our Seas

Let’s be aware and make a change!

MOANA and her team dedicated themselves to keep the KOMODO NATIOANAL PARK clean. We started with little things e.g. during each trip the crew is collecting rubbish from the ocean and return it to Labuhan Bajo. We make sure it will be brought to the official dump site. Since years MOANA supports the International Clean up day of Labuan Bajo which started in 2011 on 23rd September. It was a special day, where the local community, the private sector, schools, the local Government and NGOs worked hand in hand to help cleaning-up Labuhan Bajo and nearby beaches.

International Clean up day, Labuan Bajo, 23rd September 2011

A Big Thank You to all of you who supported and participated in the International Clean up day 2011 in Labuan Bajo.

The 23rd of September 2011 was a special day, where the local community, the private sector, schools, the local Government and NGOs worked hand in hand to help cleaning-up Labuan Bajo and nearby beaches.

Building on the success of previous years, we received an amazing amount of support, with many new sponsors and participants from the community of Labuan Bajo.Save Our Seas

Using 5 speed boats, 12 local boats and 2 live-aboards we took 300 students and more than 100 support staff including teachers, crew and other volunteers to the beaches and islands neighbouring Labuan Bajo. During the day we collected an estimated 1000 sacks of mostly plastic rubbish from the beaches and returned it to Labuan Bajo. These bags filled 6 trucks which took the trash to the official dump site.

This is our best effort yet BUT we are even happier to report that we were outdone by the governments program on this Day. Lead by the Bupati of Manggari Barat Agustinus Celu and the head of the environment department Benedictus Riberu they collected 7 trucks of trash from the streets and environment of Labuan Bajo.

A rough estimate puts the total amount of rubbish collected from this combined community effort at somewhere between 30 and 40 tons, with as many as 1000 participants. A simply fantastic result! Read on if you are interested in details about the day.


PreparationsSeveral meetings were held with local stake holders for sponsorship and government departments to gain support and involvement in the program. Early meetings with the government were encouraging and they volunteered to support the day full with their effort focusing on the streets and immediate environment of Labuan Bajo.

Once our budget was established we proceeded to plan and allocate the resources accordingly. We also worked on other initiatives we could take to maximize the awareness raising component of the day. This resulted in Swisscontacts (economy-oriented foundation for international cooperation) designing and donating 300 tshirts for the program and preparing informative handouts for the participants on the problems of rubbish in the environment. They also prepared several banners for the day.

Cloth bags were also designed and produced for all participants as a potential substitute for the thoughtless use of plastic bags, still very common in all shops in the region.Map

In a technical meeting prior to the event, the different area’s were identified and allocated to the participating boats according to their size and capacity. Boats were allocated to different areas based on the amount of trash and size and capacity of the boats. (beaches cleaned on that day, are marked in green on this map)

Most rubbish has been concentrated on the close by island “Pulau Bajo”, where rubbish from town is getting washed ashore in large amount away. In a next step, the students were allocated to each vessel.

The Big Day

The government supported our activity as in previous years by announcing the event and the Bupati opening the event on the day. It was an early start with the Bupati of Manggarai starting the event at 7am. From there the government teams took to the streets and the students took to sea.

The students braved the very hot conditions on the beaches that day and we cleaned many beaches. Once we were done with our designated areas we returned to Pulau Bidadari at about 2pm To cool off and celebrate our success and of course enjoy the wonderful coastal environment of west Flores.The Big Day

The government organized rubbish trucks as in previous years but more importantly managed to get an impressive number of government-employees from all the departements involved to participate in the clean-up of Labuan Bajo itself.

It was great to find such a clean town after having been collecting rubbish from the surrounding islands all day long. On return to Labuan Bajo the boats offloaded the rubbish at the main dock and the government trucks collected it to bring them to the dump site. Lead by the Camat of Komodo Mr Idris Ebang, the truck drivers and teams worked tirelessly late into the day to remove the collected waste.Thank You

Amazing support…Thanks to all the Sponsors and Participants.

Without the fantastic support of larger and smaller donations in cash and goods this day could never have been such a success. The “in-goods” donations included smaller and bigger boats free of charge, T-shirts for the students, Bags to collect the rubbish in (karungs), gloves for protection, Water and Trucks. The money contributed has mainly been spent on the lunch boxes, additional water and cotton gloves for the students and supporting staff, chartering several extra boats and a cloth bag for each participant. We have received more financial support than was needed, and are therefore happy to have a staring capital for the coming year of more than 4 Mio. Rupiah.

In the past we mostly targeted the tourist industry for support for the program. This year it was very encouraging to get great support from the local Indonesian owned business as well.

We would once again like to say thank you all for supporting this special day. The organizing committee is motivated to repeat similar actions in the future and will keep you posted.

Best wishes from the organizing committee,
Arie Daru, John Raja and Stephanie Heighes